From beginners to professional development







 バレエの基本を習得することで、日常生活でも美しい佇まいが自然と身に付きます。 また、同時に幼い頃から音楽に触れ、踊りを通じて表現することの楽しさを体感し、音楽性、表現力も磨いていきます。



At Studio Marty, professional experience, study abroad experience, success in overseas ballet companies, and top-ranked instructors in Japan carefully guide each student on the correct position, correct posture, and correct use of muscles to develop a beautiful body and rich sensitivity.


We will provide fun and easy-to-understand instruction so that you can learn ballet in earnest, not only for those who want to become professional dancers, but also for hobbyists.


By learning the basics of ballet, you will naturally acquire a beautiful appearance in your daily life. At the same time, children are exposed to music from an early age, experience the joy of expressing themselves through dance, and refine their musicality and expressiveness.

At Studio Marty, at the same time as learning ballet, we teach the ability to think for yourself, face one thing seriously, courtesy, the ability to continue, and experience a sense of accomplishment, so that each person's life can be enriched. I will come.